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About me


My story

The prevalence of individuals living with an overweight condition or obesity is constantly increasing (1,2). These are conditions that may increase the risk of developing many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer & cardiovascular disease (3). This issue resonates with me because I have always envisioned a better & healthier future for our society. Since dietary improvements can make a difference, I found a way that I can contribute; by becoming a Registered Dietitian! Being a Dietitian is very rewarding for me as I have the privilege to help individuals improve their dietary habits in order to favor weight loss & achieve overall health and well-being; thereby slowing down the progression of chronic diseases.

Over the years, working as a Registered Dietitian in different settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities & gyms, I realized how much of a struggle it can be to lose weight. I decided to focus on the concordance in dietary intake among cohabitating couples for my Masters degree project in order to better understand this important environmental factor that influences weight loss. My specialization in this field has allowed me to expose a specific way of looking at weight loss to my clients; making them realize & target the different influences to achieve better results.

Seeing my clients achieve their health goals is what keeps me going. Your results are my priority!

Chia Pudding


Meal plan

Meal planning for the week

Many subjects we can discuss...

Reading food labels


Hunger & satiety signals

Snack ideas

& much more!

My Approach

Here's what to expect when working with me:

Manger sainement

Personalized interventions

Interventions (e.g., meal plan) are tailored to your needs without removing the joy in eating. All factors are considered (i.e., medical conditions, allergies, likes/dislikes, energy & protein needs etc.)

Plan alimentaire


Eating healthy should be fun! Learn about new foods and how to incorporate them into recipes.



Collaborating with my clients in a respectful manner. Always on time & ready for our meetings.


Personalized support system

Dedicated to my clients, I will be there to support you through every obstacle. With close follow ups & short delays for answering all of your questions, keeping you motivated is my priority.

Plan alimentaire

Active listening

I am there to listen to you. All sessions are dedicated towards listening to your goals, achievements, emotions & obstacles.

Plan alimentaire

Science-based advice

Expert advice that is only based on scientific evidence for the best results!

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Your results are my priority!

Sara Sorrini nutritionniste
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